Why a Broadcasting Company Is On Cloud-Nine with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In work, as in life, there is no such thing as neutrality; Either you move forward, or you are bound to go backwards. So when an organization grows – whether it’s in productivity, customers or employees – it has to adjust the way it does things to accommodate that growth and continued progress.

This was the case for our client, a longtime broadcasting organization that has been expanding its content to include live broadcast communications. They were also expanding their e-commerce capabilities. While we’ve worked with this customer in the past with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, their ERP solution needed to be replaced with one that’s more scalable, cloud-based, and can grow with them.

In our project profile, find out why the TM suite recommends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 365. You’ll also discover:

  • The performance and cost advantages of the cloud over on-premises data management.
  • How TM Group helped scale up our customers’ Business Central solution with add-on capabilities, including Solver.
  • How Solver lives up to its name by solving their own financial reporting challenges.
  • Why achieve greater peace of mind by moving to the cloud.
  • How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central improved its web store.

Read our blog To learn more about why Business Central fits our customers’ needs. With implementation help from the TM Group, we are confident that the solution will work for you.

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