Which Cloud Strategy Is Right For My Organization’s Security Needs?

Question: What cloud strategy should I consider for my organization multicloud or multiregion?

Ryan Sedlec, Security Engineer, Telos Corp.: The lesson to be learned from the AWS outage is that a multi-systems strategy within one cloud is effective and a multicloud strategy has no additional benefit. The blackout affected US-EAST-1 Northern Virginia, but did not affect US-EAST-2 Ohio. The workload that could be bypassed, whether it was automatic or by manual effort, was able to bypass the interruption. This also highlights the importance of disaster recovery testing. When an outage is relatively short like this AWS outage, if you are not confident about failover, you may not see it worth the risk for a few hours. There is also another pitfall without proper testing: the area where you failed may be fine, but your workload may still fail to recover due to a configuration error or failover not found error due to lack of testing.

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