Useful cloud tech updates you might have missed at AWS re:Invent

AWS’ annual re:Invent conference always delivers a range of announcements about exciting new developments. Last month’s event was no exception. It made headlines about Graviton3 (the most powerful AWS CPU to date) and a new private 5G service as well as commitments to diversity and sustainability.

However, on a daily basis, smaller releases, updates, and changes have an immediate impact on cloud usage and performance. Much of it is revealed in Re:Invent as well, but is often overlooked in writings in the media.

Here, we take a look at three ads you may have missed. They include changes to cross-account access for S3 buckets, the general availability of Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server, and the release of Amazon FSx for OpenZFS. The first simplifies the way to grant permissions to access the S3 bucket. The second provides time-saving advantages when migrating or managing database instances that may not have been suitable for RDS previously, such as…


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