Unifying Backup and Recovery with SaaS from Rubrik

IT environments explode. There is more data than ever before, in more places than ever before. Unfortunately, managing backup and recovery using outdated tools has proven to be complex and often lacks the visibility and security needed for IT teams to keep pace with their work.

This explosion of data has heightened the need for a modern solution that simplifies protection and provides IT teams with the flexibility and security they need to manage their data from a single platform.

DBTA held a webinar with Frank Schwak, Senior Solution Architect, Oracle and SAP, and Vijian Jain, Data Management Solution Architect, Asia Pacific and JapanAnd From Rubrik who discussed the importance of standardizing backup and restore with SaaS and what that means for business.

Shawak and Jain explained that SaaS applications are among the easiest to adopt and deploy. It has become an important part of everyday business. A unified SaaS platform is often under one pane of glass, providing data management, data assurance and security, and automation.

According to Flexera, “71% of organizations are deploying SaaS applications.”

An ideal SaaS solution should provide complete data availability, security, compliance, and governance on a single platform for on-premises and the cloud, Schwak and Jane said.

Rubrik offers Zero Trust data management platform. Provides centralized hybrid cloud management with global data policy and management across enterprise and cloud applications. Provides SaaS protection with cloud-native protection that aligns with O365 environments, and protected data never leaves a customer’s Azure subscription.

The platform also includes a DR format for failover/failover, testing, and paging. It also provides minute-level RTOs and cloud installation automation.

The platform allows users to perform sensitive data discovery with data classification that complies with data privacy regulations with no additional infrastructure.

An on-demand archived replay of this webinar is available here.

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