Top five ways to regulate your Supply Chain with Business Central

manovaCustomers of any industry always care about their inventory and raw materials. Is what you order where it will be located? Do you keep too much or too little stock? To stay ahead of the competition today, you cannot rely on guesses; Need appropriate polished data or informationMation to find the right balance in your manufacturing business. Assuming you can see the flow of materials and inventory up and down SuppliersYou have what you need to make those decisions and maintain control over costs and cost variances, lowering the cost of production increase profit.

You just need to keep up with material requirements and keep an eye on inventory from time to time to know exactly what materials and inventory you need and when you can expect to refill.

Here are some of the five ways you can manage the supply chain in your manufacturing business:

Improved warehouse management

A warehouse is usually defined as a large commercial building for handling and storing goods. With effective warehouse software systems, efficient management, and experience, the exact location, condition and number of each department in the warehouse can be determined directly. Advanced WMS It is a software program that manages all the information and materials required for a warehouse to function as a modern and efficient facility.

Updated information across the supply chain

From shipping items via bus, truck or train to the warehouse, it is important to know or keep track of your inventory at any time. If you can identify issues as early as where the error occurred during tracking, you’ll notice them before they affect your schedules and customers. This entails visibility along the entire supply chain.

Relationship with customers regarding order status and delivery

With the competition at an all-time high, it is important to establish yourself as a reliable manufacturing partner. This means providing things like advance shipping notices. As information is shared and updated with key customers, you can then monitor inventory levels through a POS data feed to reduce issues such as lost sales and out-of-stock. Proper analysis can give you up-to-date information to increase sales and strengthen relationships with your partners.

Integrated approach to purchasing

You need complete visibility into supplier data, internal inventory, and production status to keep things flowing at the right speed. With a fully integrated approach, you can improve your purchasing process, which starts the domino effect: reduce material costs and inventory levels and improve customer relationships through better service.

Better customer service

Although good inventory management has always yielded the benefit of improving inventory levels, there is another benefit: customer satisfaction. It is now more important than ever to take a customer-driven approach to inventory management, linking silos of information across the organization, to make sure where things are and when to expect them.

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