The US Trucking Industry Takes the 3G Network Sunsetting Challenge

Often called the beating heart of the American economy, the US trucking industry accounts for 80% of domestic freight and is fraught with technical challenges to operate and develop.

A final challenge is upgrading to the latest communications equipment and data services as wireless carriers retire the 3G networks they rely on to monitor, manage and improve the operation of trucks and fleets.

A large portion of the trucking industry has moved away from 3G networks towards 4G and 5G technology to get much higher data speeds and expand coverage along shipping routes. However, there are companies that have not, as they are busy battling declining freight revenue caused by COVID-19, as well as disrupted supply chains, high fuel prices, and a severe shortage of drivers prior to 2017.

Truckers also face decisions about investing in expensive new cars (which can last more than 15 years) amid a global chip shortage crippling the transportation industry here in the US (reducing availability and boosting prices for the next generation of technology-laden excavators).

The hearts of American truck and fleet owners have been beating faster each year as issues pile up affecting the business.

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