The stream | Your financial transformation journey starts here

Many companies’ growth is hindered from a misalignment between the expectations put on finance and the resources at their disposal. Without investing in best-in-class finance tools and expertise, it can be nearly impossible to truly thrive in today’s climate. The following resources can help your company assess whether it would benefit from a financial transformation and learn how to implement a data-centric approach that affords greater control and financial visibility through changing regulations and emerging markets.

Whitepaper | The finance leader’s playbook to financial transformation

Although investing in finance might not sound as exciting as launching a brand-new initiative, it’s well worth it as finance is the foundation on which all other departments build. Your targets for growth will likely remain out of reach if you don’t invest in the systems and people that enable sustainable scaling. Check out our whitepaper with everything you need to know for financial transformation success.

Case study |  Health Enterprises saves 000+ annually by streamlining intercompany transactions

Case study | Health Enterprises saves $15,000+ by streamlining intercompany transactions

Health Enterprises managed eight separate entities, resulting in a cumbersome workload that required manually adjusting and reconciling intercompany transactions. Not only were they encountering numerous errors in their system, but correcting mistakes were time-consuming. The team was already planning to transition to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and needed an integrated solution to help manage the eight entities by streamlining intercompany transactions. Discover how Multi-Entity Management keeps their company in balance.

Build a financial backbone before your retail expansion fails

Build a financial backbone before your retail expansion fails

As brands struggle to differentiate themselves in an already saturated mature market, many retailers are starting to focus on expanding operations. Whether that’s by deploying an omnichannel approach, bolstering supply chains, or opening stores in new cities, retails must have a solid foundation of tools and processes in place to support expansion plans. This blog will help you assess the strength of your financial backbone and determine what improvements could be made before mistakes become critical failures.

Why retailers are flocking to e-commerce subscription models

Why retailers are flocking to e-commerce subscription models

As modern shoppers continue to migrate to e-commerce, retailers are embracing subscription services. Customers expect flexible options that offer comfort, financial incentives, and often the bonus of delightful novelty. Retailers who fail to deliver on these expectations are quickly being left behind. This blog details three subscription models that are popular with retailers, and then breaks down the most common benefits to help you determine if an online subscription business model would be ideal for your company.

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