The stream | The rise of the subscription economy

Are you considering migrating your products and services to a SaaS business model? Are you unsure of how to reduce involuntary subscriber churn? Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to manage your lease portfolio? The following resources have been curated to address concerns related to SaaS migration, the subscription economy, dunning management for subscription services, and property lease management.

Understand the pros and cons of SaaS migration

Despite most companies relying on SaaS solutions, many are slow to embrace it as a business model for their own products and services. Increasing, customer demand continues to soar and those that fail to adapt may be left behind. SaaS migration requires a great deal of consideration, but this blog will help you gain a clear-sighted view of the pros and cons so you can know what to expect.

MDSW Podcast |  Binary Stream's Khaled Nassra on the rise of services-oriented business models MDSW Podcast | Binary Stream’s Khaled Nassra on the rise of services-oriented business models

Our Head of Marketing, Khaled Nassrasat down with Jason Gumpert to discuss the rise of the subscription economy and how Microsoft is ideally positioned to service these customer needs. Listen in for a research-backed discussion on the performance of forward-thinking companies compared to their traditional counterparts, as well as the regulatory pressures and technical fundamentals shaping innovations in the subscription market.

Master dunning management to reduce recurring revenue leakage (FAQs answered) Master dunning management to reduce recurring revenue leakage (FAQs answered)

Roughly 2% of subscribers churn each month due to expired credit cards. That’s a lot and that’s only one reason for failed payments. If not properly dealt with, subscription-based businesses stand to lose a sizable chunk of revenue due to involuntary churn. Luckily, companies that implement effective dunning management stand to recoup those losses and offer a more positive customer experience. This blog answers some of the most frequently asked questions about dunning, so you can master the process and increase your recurring revenue.

Booklet |  The comprehensive guide to Property Lease Management for Dynamics 365 Finance

Managing a portfolio of leases is a complex process that most companies fail to get right. Many still rely on tedious and time-consuming spreadsheets or are forced to juggle disparate systems and error-prone integrations. As a result, they face stressful situations, struggling to prove compliance and wasting countless hours tracking down accurate data across multiple systems. This booklet will introduce you to a better strategy for property lease management and how to consolidate your data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

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