The stream | The finance leader’s playbook for financial transformation

Many companies suffer from a clear mismatch between financial expectations and the resources available to them. To truly thrive in today’s climate, companies must understand the need to invest in the people and solutions needed to stay on top in a world where important decisions continue to be made at an accelerating pace. The following resources It can help your company implement a data-centric approach which provides greater financial control and visibility through Changing regulations and emerging markets.

worksheet | The Financial Leader’s Guide to Financial Transformation

Finance leaders are under pressure to change their companies and keep pace with business. Finance must be considered the backbone of all of your company’s major decisions, which means that financial leaders must rise to meet the disruption and advancement of technology by responding quickly to modernize their approach, reduce costs, and make strategic decisions based on dynamic insights. this is White papers It includes everything from a health check of your finance job to information about the true cost of compliance.

Increase recurring revenue with seven principles of psychological pricing

Increase recurring revenue with these 7 principles of psychological pricing

Negative customer perception can greatly affect your ability to sell, so it is essential to make the price seem as reasonable as possible. Psychological pricing can help influence buyers to see your offer in the best light, boosting sales prospects by taking advantage of customers’ emotional responses to certain price points. keep reading To discover seven principles of psychological pricing to help you increase conversions, build a strong subscriber base, and increase recurring revenue.

Maintain compliance with ASC 842 and ifrs 16

Video | Maintain compliance with ASC 842 and IFRS 16

With the introduction of Accounting Standard ASC 842 by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and IFRS 16 by the International Accounting Standards Board, lessees and lessors need to modernize the way they handle financial and operating leases to maintain compliance. this is Short video It will guide you through learning about leases under the new accounting standards and how a centralized system can benefit you.

Top 5 SaaS Pricing Models

Top 5 Hybrid SaaS Pricing Models

Successful hybrid pricing models are carefully designed to balance the negatives and enhance the positives of their standard counterparts. The truth is that most companies eventually switch to a hybrid strategy because it allows them to better align the value and price of subscription services as they adapt to the needs of buyers. keep reading To find the top five hybrid pricing models in use today with examples of companies that have mastered these best practices.

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