The (Not Completely) New B2B Marketing Directions for 2022

Like many marketers, I used the last two months of 2021 to reflect on what happened during the year and plan for 2022. Due to the unprecedented events of 2020 and 2021, I spent more time than usual assessing the state of B2B marketing and assessing what my content should be In 2022 and beyond.

Turn the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic into a nine-month internship in crisis management for many businesses. Business closings and work-from-home policies have forced many B2B marketers to focus on their go-to-market strategy and make rapid and fundamental changes to their marketing plans and tactics.

2021 was a mixed year in many ways. The US economy experienced a strong recovery, and fears and concerns about COVID eased somewhat with the introduction of vaccines, approval of boosting vaccines and the development of effective antiviral treatments.

Then, towards the end of last year, the Omicron variant appeared, and the world faced the possibility of another huge surge of COVID-19. In the United States, this increase is now well underway, but there is evidence that the Omicron variant may produce proportionately less severe cases of COVID-19, and there is hope that this increase will be shorter than previous cases. So 2021 showed that COVID is not likely to go away any time soon.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed the expectations and behaviors of consumers and commercial buyers, and it is also clear that some of these changes will continue after COVID concerns subside. The current challenge for marketers is to determine which of these changes will be the longest lasting and how their marketing strategies will need to evolve in order to be successful.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been thinking about whether or to what extent the events of the past two years should affect the content I post here. My goal with this blog has always been to provide content that readers will find useful and thought-provoking. I was pleased with the post this blog has received, and I think it pretty much fulfills its primary purpose.

But there is always room for improvement, therefore, I will be making some changes here starting next week. During each calendar month, I plan to publish three new types of posts.

Book Reviews – Many important topics can only be adequately addressed in an entire book, so I will be writing a book review post on a monthly basis. Most of these reviews will discuss books that have been published recently (usually within the past two years). However, I may occasionally review an older book that is particularly relevant to marketers in the current business environment.

Research summaries – Regular readers of this blog will know that I frequently discuss the results of research studies related to marketing. Over the past several years, the volume of such studies has increased exponentially, as companies have realized that they can be effective in building thought leadership.

These research summary publications will briefly summarize the results of recently published research studies. Each post will usually cover 2 to 4 studies, although I may sometimes focus on one study when I think it’s of particular value to marketers.

deep dive – Research indicates that business professionals value content resources that provide trustworthy and in-depth information and insights. Until recently, blog posts were not usually seen as a good way to address a topic in an in-depth manner, simply because the traditional view was that blog posts should be relatively short.

This is changing, and I now frequently see longer blog posts that look a lot like the featured articles in a journal. For example, file Harvard Business Review location and Sloan management review The website regularly publishes longer articles online.

Therefore, this year I plan to publish one post each month that offers a more in-depth treatment of an important topic. This will enable me to address certain topics in a more coherent and comprehensive manner.

The remaining posts or posts each month will be similar to the ones I have been writing since I launched this blog over ten years ago. I hope to include some posts based on interviews with leading marketing and business thinkers, and I plan to publish many more that provide practical “how-to” tips that readers can use immediately.

Let’s have a great 2022!

Image courtesy of Amanda Slater via Flickr (CC).

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