The 2021 IT Job Market: What a Year

Some of the most visible shifts accelerated by the pandemic have occurred in the workforce. The fear of job losses was a big topic in 2020. But in 2021, the switch flipped. More workers are now looking to replace their jobs, and find new opportunities in the labor market that is characterized by the expanded opportunities offered by remote work.

After a year of stagnant salaries for many, IT professionals were looking for new opportunities with higher salaries – and they were finding them. Organizations have shifted their focus to retaining existing talent through “wellness” programs and training their existing talent in the skills needed to compete in today’s market.

For the first time ever, “remote” work topped the geographies in job adverts, coming above New York and San Francisco for tech jobs, according to a report by The Ladders.

Remote work continued to be a major topic in 2021 as companies made plans to return to the office and then delayed them over and over again. At the same time, service providers of tech vendors of office collaboration tools for remote work have improved their product offerings and mapped out a vision for a long-term future that includes remote work as a key component.

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Meanwhile, catch up on the whirlwind of 2021 here:

Distance working

Remote control reshapes the future of work

CIOs will focus on enabling richer remote work experiences in 2021, and virtual offices can be part of that picture.

More remote work leads to more employee monitoring

Organizations looking to ensure the productivity of remote workers are turning to artificial intelligence and monitoring technology. But 10% of workers are expected to try to undermine those efforts.

Teleworking leads San Francisco and New York for the most high-paying job opportunities

The city with the most high-paying jobs is no longer a city. It is a remote work. The trend is here to stay.

Ways to build a talented and reliable IT workforce at home

COVID-19 has forced many organizations to create virtual IT teams. Things have gone so well that a growing number of IT leaders are now looking to build a permanent workforce from home.

Salary and Compensation

IT Professionals Salary Survey: What I Earned in 2020

Did you get a bonus in 2020? InformationWeek salary survey 2020 lets you see how you stack up against your peers in a year like no other.

Data engineers are in high demand, earning high salaries

Get ready to pay six figures for your new data engineer. Burtch Works’ first salary survey reveals salaries and trends affecting data infrastructure experts.

Data and Analytics Payroll Heating in a Recovery Economy

After a year of uncertainty, the job market for data scientists and analytics professionals is starting to heat up again.

Talent and skills crisis

The IT Talent Crisis: Two Ways to Recruit and Retain

With automation technologies changing the career path of an entry-level IT worker, forward-thinking IT managers must use automation to free up workers to focus on more meaningful work.

Developing the skills of the workforce in the field of cybersecurity in the future

Training a broader and more comprehensive recruitment pool in digital security skills may enhance career opportunities and address the shortage of needed talent.

Top 10 Cloud Computing Skills

Experts recommend that IT professionals in the cloud deepen their understanding of these key areas.

Entry-level directions and tips

How Automation is Changing Career Paths for IT Beginners

With automation technologies changing the career path of an entry-level IT worker, forward-thinking IT managers must use automation to free up workers to focus on more meaningful work.

Becoming a self-taught cybersecurity professional

The demand for cyber security professionals is high. Here’s how a system administrator developed a personalized online night school curriculum to gain experience for a successful security career.

Functional advice

It’s time to shift your job search out of neutrality

Just sticking with the job you had is what most people wanted to do a year ago. But the allure of higher salaries may have pushed some IT professionals to greener pastures.

10 Tips for Getting a Job in Cyber ​​Security

The demand for cyber security professionals is on the rise. What should you do if you want to move from another field within IT to a security career?

Manpower Topics Information Managers

How should IT budgets adapt to remote work

The pandemic has brought information technology to an inflection point where there is no turning back. This will force CIOs to rethink technology, IT organizational structures, deployments – and budget.

Should the best IT player be allowed to take on multiple organizational roles?

Versatility is a great trait for any member of the IT team. But what happens when a manager allows employees to expand their talent pool?

The shortage of IT skills is widening and deepening

It’s easy to spot which IT sectors suffer from a significant shortage of skilled talent: all of them.

Back to Office Canceled: The New Era of IT Spending

As we approach the 2022 IT budget season, many organizations are delaying plans to return to the office. Here’s what that means for your IT spending priorities in the coming year.

Why IT teams working from home may be at greater risk of burnout

Home sweet home can become a bad place for some IT staff working at home. Learn how to discover and help exhausted IT workers return to happiness and productivity.

IT Entrepreneurship: 11 Future Business Attributes

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the look of the future of work and in 2021 it is still evolving.

Draw a roadmap to close the cloud skills gap

Even with the best intentions of transformation, organizations that lack in-house cloud knowledge may struggle to compete.

A strategy to help disadvantaged communities and fill technical jobs

The nonprofit DevOps Academy takes an educational approach to opening career opportunities to the underprivileged as well as meeting the ongoing demand for IT staff.

Dealing with disgruntled employees

Disgruntled employees can cause a lot of damage. Here’s how to recognize a problem and act before it becomes a problem.

How the roles of CIOs will change: the future of work

Budgets will change, and IT leaders must collaborate with HR and utility teams as work moves from office centers to a new business structure from anywhere.

How to maintain your talent in the field of information technology

Staff turnover is expensive, and it’s a market for job seekers out there. Here’s how to hold on to the talent you already have.


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