Applications Cannot Be Trusted

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) By 2023, over 500 million apps will be developed using cloud native approaches (IDC FutureScape). These apps are built with newer technologies like containers and microservices, which allow organizations to deploy and iterate faster than ever before. Securing cloud native applications surfaces new challenges vs. securing traditional applications. In cloud native environments, resources … Read more

Ukraine Crisis, Rise in Cyberattack Threats Bolster Case for Zero Trust

With alarm bells ringing globally over the rising threat from malicious actors, many stemming from the war in Ukraine, adopting a security posture based on zero trust has gained a new urgency. The zero-trust model is designed to reduce risk exposure by eliminating the unnecessary access and privileges across critical IT systems, thus creating a … Read more

Zero Trust: Not Just for Government

“Trust no one” used to be a rallying cry for X-Files TV show fans. Now it’s part of the US federal government zero-trust architecture, a new cybersecurity standard laid out in January. “The foundational tenet of the zero-trust model is that no actor, system, network, or service operating outside or within the security perimeter is … Read more

7 IT Infrastructure Skills in High Demand

Working in IT requires a continual process of learning new skills as technologies emerge or evolve. Yet, because of the vast variety of skills available to choose from, it’s important to spend time researching all options to ensure that the skills you end up acquiring are both interesting and valuable for your professional career. Looking … Read more