IT Pros Aren’t Missing the Office

Hybrid, remote, or on-premises? Now that the risk profile for COVID-19 has changed, organizations and their workforces are facing the following questions: Do we go back to the office or were we just as productive when we were remote? Do we compromise with a hybrid schedule, and if so, who sets the terms of that … Read more

InformationWeek Salary Survey: What IT Pros Earn

Is your salary as high as you think it should be? Are you making what your peers are making? Should you be looking for a new job in order to get that salary boost this year? If these are the questions you are looking to answer, we’ve got some insights for you. InformationWeek checked in … Read more

Remote Work Jobs Still Growing, Particularly for Tech Pros

Big tech vendors like Microsoft, Google, and Apple may be laying out plans to bring their workforce back to the office, at least on a hybrid basis, but according to a new report from Ladders, the momentum for positions that are 100% remote hasn ‘t slowed down at all. In fact, it is continuing to … Read more

How Remote Workers Can Keep Their Careers On Track in a Back-to-the-Office World

Now that the Omicron surge has ended and cities and states are ending their mask mandates again, tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google have been announcing plans for how employees will return to the office. Yet some companies, such as Twitter, have said that the employees can decide whether they want to return … Read more

How to Appeal to GenZ Talent

The past few years gave recruiters and human resource departments across the globe a variety of new challenges when it comes to hiring practices. Now, on the heels of ‘The Great Resignation,’ companies are reevaluating employee benefit packages, how they are targeting a potential workforce, and even reinventing hiring all together. Generation Z (GenZ) includes … Read more

Which Way to Go for WFH Performance and Security Tools?

Business owners and their employees seem to have fallen in love with the work from home (WFH) model. With proper techniques, employees can perform their duties and stay in constant contact with others while they are physically separated. However, for most companies, the technologies used to connect remote workers today may not be ideal in … Read more

The 2021 IT Job Market: What a Year

Some of the most visible shifts accelerated by the pandemic have occurred in the workforce. The fear of job losses was a big topic in 2020. But in 2021, the switch flipped. More workers are now looking to replace their jobs, and find new opportunities in the labor market that is characterized by the expanded … Read more