The Future of Work is Here

When we talk about the future of work, the obvious elements that come to mind are remote work, Zoom-style meetings, new office designs, automation, diversity, generational differences, and new types of jobs replacing traditional ones. Here’s the news for young people: Retiring Baby Boomers who reflect on their first jobs can recall that all of … Read more

Virtual Reality Transforms the Workplace

You’ve no doubt heard about the metaverse, a virtual reality (VR) world in which users interact with each other and experience activities and places just as they would in the real world, only faster, better, and more expediently. By utilizing applications, such as 3D data visualization and manipulation, virtual meetings and conferences, employee training, and … Read more

A CIO’s Introduction to the Metaverse

“Metaverse” is coming. are you ready? Microsoft, Nvidia, and Facebook have announced important apps to give companies a door into the metaverse. Many startups are also building this type of technology. But what is the metaverse anyway? Is it something CIOs need to have on their radar? What are the use cases for businesses? What … Read more