How AI and Data Can Help Retail’s Ongoing Pandemic Challenges

Hybrid shopping and scaling up data and analytics were among the top topics of interest as retail business executives returned to the Javits Center in New York City for the first time two years ago for the National Retail Federation’s big show. But despite a return to the personal space, the pandemic and the retail … Read more

Why You Should Have an AI & Ethics Board

Most companies today have a large amount of data at their fingertips. They also have the tools to mine this information. But with that strength comes responsibility. Before using the data, technologists need to step back and assess the need. In our data-driven hypothetical age, it’s not about whether you have the information, but whether … Read more

The Rise of Human-Led Automation

Data is the most important resource an organization has. Data allows us to make informed decisions. It provides important insights to our customers and the experiences we provide. Helps create operational efficiencies that lower costs and increase profit margins. But for now, we’re overwhelmed with data. We have so much that it becomes difficult to … Read more

Prepare for More Change in This Hot Area of Tech

The amount of data and analytics that is being provided in organizations and the organization’s ability to benefit from it is increasing at unprecedented levels. It is the point at which the underlying fibers of the modern enterprise change, which will result in a change of protection in those we consider typical. Necessity nurtures several … Read more

AI and Data This Year: Bigger, Bolder, and Business-Focused

When The Matrix premiered in 1999, it showed us an extreme version of artificial intelligence and the power of data that in many ways seemed impossible. More than 20 years later, the latest edition has been released in a world where the perception and adoption of artificial intelligence and data has fundamentally changed. In 2022, … Read more

AI’s Bumpy Road to Fruition

Areas where AI is beginning to show returns are industrial automation (smart factories), decision support in medical diagnostics, new drug formulations (for example, COVID drugs), and business process automation such as fraud detection and interference with financial transactions. In each of these cases, business value was easily demonstrated in operational savings, loss prevention, and speed … Read more

A CIO’s Introduction to the Metaverse

“Metaverse” is coming. are you ready? Microsoft, Nvidia, and Facebook have announced important apps to give companies a door into the metaverse. Many startups are also building this type of technology. But what is the metaverse anyway? Is it something CIOs need to have on their radar? What are the use cases for businesses? What … Read more

What IT Leaders Need to Know

Contrary to what many executives may believe, privacy is not just a matter of removing regulatory barriers and achieving compliance. Privacy is about moving business forward. Above all, privacy is personal, and the average consumer really cares about what companies do with their data. In other words, customers will leave if they can’t see the … Read more