Watson Health Sale Signals More Pragmatic AI for Healthcare

At one point IBM Watson Health featured articles that claimed it might cure cancer. But IBM’s flashy coverage of its AI brand targeting the healthcare industry may have been an example when the hype around a particular technology – AI – trumped that technology’s actual capabilities. After a few high-profile public failures over the past … Read more

Supply Chain, Ethical AI, Data Pros in High Demand

Who would have thought 2021 would be easier than pandemic year 2020? 2020 meant work-from-home night hubs, workforce reorganization, the move to the cloud, and new channels for customer service. Additionally, organizations have had to strike an accelerator on digital transformation projects that they had previously planned to implement over many years. Vaccines that reached … Read more

Enterprise Tech 2022: What’s Ahead for IT

Predicting the future has become more difficult in the past two years. The pandemic, the supply chain crisis, the economic impact of these events, and a world of political turmoil have turned the world upside down and made it difficult to predict the future based on recent history. Over the past couple of years, we’ve … Read more