Fender’s CIO Talks Tuning Up SAP with a Migration to AWS

The rise in business has prompted the global guitar maker Fender to think of more efficient ways to use its SAP resources. Moving from company-controlled computing resources to the public cloud can be a challenge. Although Fender has already embraced the cloud for other aspects of its operations, there has been some reluctance to make … Read more

Tech Decentralizes Out of IT

At a tipping point for IT organizations and CIOs, more technology workers are being employed by business units than are being hired by IT departments, according to new Gartner research. This shift will have major ramifications for IT budgets, the influence of CEOs, and the roles of IT leaders as future-oriented organizations where technology underpins … Read more

Chase CIO Gill Haus Discusses Recruitment, Agile, and Automation

The world of banking and finance is facing a massive change in innovation, adding to the need to adapt to new evolutionary cycles in FinTech. As clients want more resources and direction in their finances, organizations like JPMorgan Chase must respond wisely in a way that contrasts with their sheer size. Jill House, head of … Read more

Data Analytics Can Fix the Supply Chain. Eventually

Can data, analytics, and artificial intelligence save the supply chain? It’s a question corporate boards might ask their CEOs. After all, technology has come to the rescue to help many organizations face challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic such as remote work and online commerce. But problems with the supply chain remain a sore reminder … Read more

How Automation is Changing Entry-Level Career Paths in IT

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence and automation will transform the delivery of IT business. Today, organizations usually tackle complex problems by deploying human capital – IT workers. But soon the IT business will be largely delivered by a combination of people, artificial intelligence, and automation. The changes will affect the traditional entry-level career … Read more

HPE and Transamerica Open Their Cloud Transformation Playbooks

Moving to the cloud meant a tightening of IT resources with the expansion of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Transamerica. During a panel discussion held at the Infosys Americas Leadership Forum in New York, companies shared some of their experiences leveraging cloud resources as part of their ongoing IT and operations transformation. The panel explored … Read more

CIOs: Understand These Legal Traps

CIOs are technology leaders, not lawyers – but increasingly, there is legal knowledge CIOs must have under their hats. What are the legal essentials every CIO should know? Here are seven areas worth understanding. 1. Contract modification If you wish to amend a seller contract, all modifications must be in writing, signed and dated by … Read more

2021’s Technology Wins in the Enterprise

New technologies and tools are often at their best when they are ready for release. It’s been internally tested and tested, and it offers unlimited possibilities for the organizations that implement it. But the apps are the real tests. Will the technologies work as promised? Will they provide more ideas, save workers time, save resources, … Read more

Ringler Goes Low Code/No Code to Leverage Data Analytics

What began as a plan to get a single tech project back on track opened the door for a comprehensive transformation at settlement planning firm Ringler Associates. Butch Knowlton says he joined the company more than a year ago as its first CIO as Ringler’s leadership recognized the need to focus on technology. At the … Read more

‘We Need A Lot More Machines’

In November, IBM introduced its 127-qubit quantum processor Eagle, which showed that the dream of achieving true quantum computing power appears to be on the right track — although work must continue before real applications of the technology can be realized. The demand for the development of quantum computers, which apply quantum physics to computations … Read more