Google Cloud to Offer Security-Vetted Open Source Software

Looking to help cut the risk of software supply chain vulnerabilities in open source software, Google says it will release its own packages and libraries of vetted open source for other organizations to use. The company made the announcement in its Google Cloud blog, saying that its new Assured Open Source Software service (Assured OSS) … Read more

Evolving Business Risk Drives Embrace of New Insurance Tech

The financial protection and security that insurance provides is essential to all businesses and the modern economy, particularly in disruptive times. Any number of risks can threaten the financial viability and survival of a business, and insurance helps to mitigate those risks and make financial impacts more predictable and therefore survivable. Without insurance, a common … Read more

Enterprise Browsers Promise Enhanced Security, Productivity

In early February, Startup Island unveiled a new type of web browser — a software product that promises to help enterprises prevent employees from accessing potentially dangerous content. The company’s new Chromium-based enterprise browser, also named Island, is designed to address enterprise security requirements by embedding core protection needs directly within the browser itself. Headquartered … Read more

Converge Networking and Security with Zero-Trust Edge

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) Over the last two years, organizations have had to seriously up their technology game. They had to scramble to support remote working, move to new business models, and continue to meet customer demands during a global pandemic. Whether the changes involved improving efficiency by moving to cloud technologies or streamlining workflows with automation … Read more

Digital ID Technology Promises Stronger Security

Despite multiple shortcomings, passwords remain the most common authentication method for accessing financial, e-commerce, healthcare, and an array of other services. People generally prefer passwords over more secure authentication methods, due to their convenience and ease of use. Despite the best efforts of security experts, passwords reign as the primary way for people to verify … Read more

The Cloud Security Partnership

Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the businesses leveraging the cloud and their cloud service providers. To ward off cybersecurity threats, it’s critical that both thoroughly understand how to build and maintain robust security models and work closely in tandem to do so. Businesses and their cloud providers must ensure that security within the … Read more