Can AI Lead the Way in Low Code/No Code App Development?

In the span of a few years, low-code and no-code platforms, which reduce the burden on professional developers to create certain apps, have matured vastly. They have become resources large enterprises explore to speed up app development, but can that carry over new, more intensive needs such asAI app development in a substantial way? Gartner … Read more

What the Citrix Private Equity Deal Means for Enterprise Customers

Moving to remote work over the past couple years may have vaulted video conferencing solutions like Zoom into the popular consciousness and culture, complete with memes, but there’s a lot more that went into successful work from home than just video cameras and mute buttons. Many other companies were working more quietly in the background … Read more

Why a Low-Code Development Recipe Worked for Pampered Chef

As their business becomes more and more digital, Pampered Chef has found a way to increase its online connection to its customer base through a platform developed using low-code resources. Shiv Dutt, vice president of innovation at Pampered Chef, spearheaded a low-code strategy that leveraged to create a tabletop trading platform — a move … Read more

Salesforce-Slack Drive Continues with New Co-CEO Taylor

Salesforce hired a new co-CEO to work alongside founder and longtime CEO Marc Benioff this week, but don’t worry. It is unlikely that many enterprise organizations using cloud giant CRM and other cloud-based software services will experience any disruption in the future as a result. If anything, Salesforce customers may see more focus on the … Read more

Nasdaq CEO at AWS re:Invent Talks Cloud’s Impact on FinTech

This year’s AWS re: Invent conference demonstrated that the cycle of change extends from new leadership at AWS itself to the ways in which the financial system may evolve in the coming years. Adam Selipsky has led his first keynote at re:Invent as AWS CEO since taking over in May. This year’s conference took place … Read more