Managing Cyber Risks in Today’s Threat Environment

In the Allianz Risk Barometer 2022, an annual risk analysis survey conducted by insurance and asset management firm Allianz, cyber risk was rated as the world’s top business risk, ahead of natural disasters, business interruptions, and pandemic disruptions. Ransomware, which increased 93% from 2020 to 2021, was a major cyber crime concern, but so were … Read more

Global Tech Policy Briefing: March 2022

Welcome back to Citizen Tech, InformationWeek’s monthly tech policy roundup column. This month we’re looking at: Ukraine’s war in the cyber domain US braces for energy crisis and cyber threats Trans-Atlantic data privacy More domestic chip manufacturing (maybe), and Crypto regulation Ukraine war in the cyber domain Let’s begin with the biggest news, the biggest … Read more

Kremlin’s Aggression Divides Digital Ecosystems Along Tech Trenches

With the siege of Ukraine escalating with more invading troops, live ordnance, and machines of war rumbling forth, a technology trench is emerging that may reshape the digital landscape many industry-watchers thought was on the horizon. Companies such as Intel, SAP, Oracle, and AMD stopped shipments of their technology to Russia or halted their operations … Read more

Cyber Threat Alliance and Cisco Talos Talk Threat Landscape

Bad cyber actors went after the healthcare market last year in a substantial way, according to experts who spoke at a webinar hosted last week by the Cyber ​​Thre Alliance. The discussion covered some top cybersecurity threats, trends in the attack life cycle, security vulnerabilities, and major incidents that occurred in 2021. During the session, … Read more

The Most Dangerous Evolution of Ransomware?

The year 2021 was filled with high-profile ransomware attacks on companies across industries – some of which (for example, the colonial pipeline attack) shut down entire markets and caused panic in parts of the United States. As devastating and devastating as these attacks were, the next wave of ransomware could be even more dangerous – … Read more

5 Cyber Resilience Lessons We Re-Learned in 2021 (But Will Probably Forget)

With each year come extraordinary new technological innovations. Some of the most creative ones, unfortunately, come from the minds of online attackers. Others help IT teams solve some old problems, but create new ones. But after every year, good basics never lose style. 2021 was no different. Here’s a look at some of the most … Read more

Combating Ransomware for a New Era of Work

By analyzing 537 violations across 17 countries, IBM and the Ponemon Institute recently found that remote work was a contributing factor in 17.5% of cases over the past year. Additionally, working remotely increased the cost of these breaches by $1.1 million, in part by making them more difficult to contain. According to the study, when … Read more

An Answer to the Ransomware Menace?

Zero trust is the latest buzzword that security vendors, consultants, and policy makers are posing as the panacea for all cybersecurity problems. About 42% of global organizations say they have plans to adopt zero-trust. The Biden administration also identified the need for federal networks and systems to embrace an architecture of distrust. While ransomware continues … Read more

The Cost of a Ransomware Attack, Part 1: The Ransom

By many estimates, ransomware attacks are among the most common, if not the most common, type of cyber attack. While the number of attacks is generally trending downward, the average cost of an attack is rising exponentially — in part because malicious actors are increasingly targeting companies with the resources to pay large ransoms (and … Read more

The Cost of a Ransomware Attack, Part 2: Response & Recovery

This is the second half of a two-part series dealing with the cost of ransomware attacks. Read the first part about the money paid to the attackers themselves here. As horrific as it is, the actual ransom payments make up only a small part of the cost of the attack. Downtime and recovery are much … Read more