Farewell to Global Data Lakes

This month marks the fourth anniversary of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As we reflect on our world’s privacy journey, suffice it to say that the regulations are now a driving force behind an organization’s data management and analytics strategy. Privacy is now a top concern for individuals, while organizations still struggle to … Read more

What Federal Privacy Policy Might Look Like If Passed

Security and policy experts in a video discussion hashed out the possibility of federal legislation on privacy picking up momentum and what such a law might bring to the security and data arenas. How data is gathered, securely stored, used, and even sold have become top of mind for the public and politicians along with … Read more

Enterprise Browsers Promise Enhanced Security, Productivity

In early February, Startup Island unveiled a new type of web browser — a software product that promises to help enterprises prevent employees from accessing potentially dangerous content. The company’s new Chromium-based enterprise browser, also named Island, is designed to address enterprise security requirements by embedding core protection needs directly within the browser itself. Headquartered … Read more

US Companies Must Deal with EU AI law, Like It or Not

Don’t look now, but using Google Analytics to track your website’s audience might be illegal. That’s the view of a court in Austria, which in January found that Google’s data product was in breach of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it was not doing enough to make sure data transferred from … Read more

Clearview AI Offers Face Recognition AI to Ukraine

Clearview AI this week revealed that it has offered the Ukraine government free access to the company’s facial recognition AI (artificial intelligence) technology, potentially to uncover Russian assailants, identify refugees, combat misinformation, and identify the dead. The news comes weeks into the Russian invasion of Ukraine and was shared in an exclusive to the Reuters … Read more

Litigation vs Google May Cause Ripples in Data Collection

On Monday, at the start of Data Privacy Week, attorneys general from Washington, DC, Indiana, Texas, and the state of Washington filed a lawsuit against Google that alleges deceptive tracking of users’ location history. It stems from claims about how data settings actually function in relation to user privacy, the public’s awareness of such data … Read more