General Catalyst’s Clark Talks Opportunistic Investing in Tech

With the next evolution of compute, data, software, and cloud still taking shape, venture capital firm General Catalyst looks for opportunities to back innovators who might speak to the new needs of the market. Companies might be angling to bring workers back to the office but not every staffer is going to let go of … Read more

Dawn Foods Tries a Low-Code Recipe for QA Testing Automation

With its digital transformation strategy already accelerated by the pandemic, bakery ingredient distributor Dawn Foods opted to further its plans by using intelligent test automation company Mapl for a transition to low-code SaaS automated testing. The intent of going low code for testing was to maintain the pace of going digital and to better integrate … Read more

Can AI Lead the Way in Low Code/No Code App Development?

In the span of a few years, low-code and no-code platforms, which reduce the burden on professional developers to create certain apps, have matured vastly. They have become resources large enterprises explore to speed up app development, but can that carry over new, more intensive needs such asAI app development in a substantial way? Gartner … Read more

The Benefits of Adopting a Low-Code/No-Code Development Platform

Not so long ago, when an enterprise required a new information system, it either had to hire a developer or acquire off-the-shelf software. Today, however, there’s another option: low-code/no-code applications. Low-code/no-code applications allow organizations to build custom systems without the need to either hire teams or outsource the work. Low-code/no-code development platforms represent yet another … Read more

Why a Low-Code Development Recipe Worked for Pampered Chef

As their business becomes more and more digital, Pampered Chef has found a way to increase its online connection to its customer base through a platform developed using low-code resources. Shiv Dutt, vice president of innovation at Pampered Chef, spearheaded a low-code strategy that leveraged to create a tabletop trading platform — a move … Read more

The IT Backlog in the Age of DevOps

Over the past twenty years, the average age of the program has been between six to eight years. I’ve known some old apps to stay in production for decades. This is in sharp contrast to mobile apps, which lost half their lives in the first six months of use or the DevOps/Agile world, where apps … Read more

Will the Democratization of Technology Accelerate Progress in AI?

If you were to poll the computing industry today for “the most pervasive technology of our time,” I suppose artificial intelligence would easily top the list. And for good reason – the last decade of advances in artificial intelligence has certainly been exciting. but the IMPACR From this innovation follows the principle of William Gibson: … Read more

No-Code, Low-Code Machine Learning Platforms Still Require People

Code-free (horizontal) machine learning platforms are useful for extending data science in the enterprise. However, as many organizations are now discovering, there are many ways data science can go wrong in solving new problems. Zillow has suffered billions of dollars in losses buying homes using a flawed data-driven model for valuing home values. Data-driven HR … Read more