The Power of Decision Intelligence: Strategies for Success

To deal with uncertain levels of business complexity and organizations, they must make accurate and highly contextualized decisions with increasing speed. This means IT leaders must create the capability to rapidly compose and recompose transparent decision flows, a practice described as decision intelligence. Decision intelligence is not a technology but rather a strategy encompassing multiple … Read more

How to Put AI Scouting Systems to Work

IT is facing significant talent shortages, and new human resources AI talent recruiting systems are touted as being able to help. How do these systems work, and are they effective? The purpose of artificial intelligence hiring and talent scouting systems is to reduce the amount of work that HR or IT conducts in the activities … Read more

A Guide to Careers and Team Building

[Editor’s note: This curated guide was updated in February 2022 to reflect new trends today and to include our most recent content.] The lengthy wish list from upper management, the corporate board, customers, and employees for new, digital projects is woven with a common thread — the work of the data science team. It’s data … Read more

How It Works and Where It’s Headed

Current chatbots tend to be awkward and even agonizing to use, limited to answering a set of simple queries — often incorrectly. But what if a chatbot could be designed to support more complex and multistep tasks, such as organizing a daily schedule or pinpointing a fault lurking inside a complex mechanical device? Conversational AI … Read more

Why You Should Have an AI & Ethics Board

Most companies today have a large amount of data at their fingertips. They also have the tools to mine this information. But with that strength comes responsibility. Before using the data, technologists need to step back and assess the need. In our data-driven hypothetical age, it’s not about whether you have the information, but whether … Read more

The Rise of Human-Led Automation

Data is the most important resource an organization has. Data allows us to make informed decisions. It provides important insights to our customers and the experiences we provide. Helps create operational efficiencies that lower costs and increase profit margins. But for now, we’re overwhelmed with data. We have so much that it becomes difficult to … Read more

6 Best Practices for NLP Implementation

Recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have made natural language processing so powerful that the latest models have outpaced human performance in current standard data sets. In education, we’ve seen the use of NLP in many effective ways, from machine translation and helping students improve their writing skills, to enhancing learning experiences. For … Read more

How to Choose Which RPA/Intelligent Automation Platform Is Right for You

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) platforms are on a strong growth path as companies strive to increase operating efficiency, agility and flexibility while achieving better business outcomes. Artificial intelligence (IA) is becoming the new frontier thanks to constantly evolving AI technologies and capabilities, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning … Read more