The Power of Decision Intelligence: Strategies for Success

To deal with uncertain levels of business complexity and organizations, they must make accurate and highly contextualized decisions with increasing speed. This means IT leaders must create the capability to rapidly compose and recompose transparent decision flows, a practice described as decision intelligence. Decision intelligence is not a technology but rather a strategy encompassing multiple … Read more

Priorities of Highly Successful Chief Data Officers

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) who put their primary focus on meeting revenue-generation and data monetization goals were more successful than CDOs who focused primarily on enabling projects such as data governance. That’s among the findings of Gartner’s 7th annual survey of CDOs, conducted from September through November 2021 with 496 CDOs and other high-level data … Read more

The Genesis of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital twins — why are we hearing so much about them and why do they suddenly seem critical? The simplest explanation is this: When something is too complex for a human to easily process or there is too little time for a human to make a critical decision, the only … Read more

Estimating the Total Costs of Your Cloud Analytics Platform

Organizations today need a broad set of enterprise data cloud services with key data functionality to modernize projects and utilize machine learning. They need a platform designed to address multi-faceted needs by offering multi-function data management and analytics to solve the enterprise’s most pressing data and analytic challenges in a streamlined fashion. They need a … Read more

Talend Acquisition Targets Data Replication Speeds

Data management and integration provider Talend announced the acquisition of Gamma Soft, a provider of change data capture (CDC) technology that Talend believes will help it meet its customers’ need for ever greater speed in data and analytics. Two forces have been driving the need for this CDC technology and other enhancements to data management … Read more

US Companies Must Deal with EU AI law, Like It or Not

Don’t look now, but using Google Analytics to track your website’s audience might be illegal. That’s the view of a court in Austria, which in January found that Google’s data product was in breach of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it was not doing enough to make sure data transferred from … Read more

General Catalyst’s Clark Talks Opportunistic Investing in Tech

With the next evolution of compute, data, software, and cloud still taking shape, venture capital firm General Catalyst looks for opportunities to back innovators who might speak to the new needs of the market. Companies might be angling to bring workers back to the office but not every staffer is going to let go of … Read more

AI-Driven Satellite Connectivity Linking Up IoT, Edge Computing

Expanded use of satellites may offer another acceleration catalyst to digital transformation, edge computing, and other evolving aspects of enterprise technology. That was a key takeaway from a panel of experts and industry stakeholders at last week’s Satellite 2022 conference, held in-person and via livestream. During the discussion, those panelists hashed out some of the … Read more

Alteryx Gears Up for the Analytics Cloud Future

Data and analytics have entered the era of the cloud with two-thirds of analytics for both development and production expected to be performed in the cloud by 2023, according to a Gartner report from November 2021. If your organization is taking your analytics environment to the cloud or planning to, you are in the majority. … Read more