Are Universities Delivering Well-Prepared IT Graduates?

The tech talent crunch is impacting organizations of all sizes. The lack of qualified IT specialists is a rising concern with no end in sight. Taking into account accelerated retirement plans of the Baby Boomers and the “great resignation” spurred by the pandemic, tech companies will be even more reliant on the upcoming generation of … Read more

How to Search for Talent on a Global Scale

The rise of flexible working conditions means many organizations now have a greater pool of potential talent from which to choose. However, organizing a search for talent that spans countries or even continents means having a well thought-out strategy. Setting up a global talent search naturally requires the participation of human resources execs, as well … Read more

What’s the Secret to Retaining Tech Talent?

As we roll into the third year of COVID-19, people from France to Fiji are seriously reevaluating where they live, how they spend their time, and what matters most in their lives. With regards to work, the pandemic obliterated any pretense that most jobs need to be done in an office, lab, warehouse, factory, or … Read more