5 IT Strategies to Support Post-COVID Revenue Demands

While businesses are still reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, signs of economic recovery are slowly beginning to return. Today, organizations are anxious to recover lost revenue, but many are at risk of being lured into a false belief that pre-pandemic sales and marketing tactics will again be effective. The pandemic ushered in … Read more

Tech Decentralizes Out of IT

At a tipping point for IT organizations and CIOs, more technology workers are being employed by business units than are being hired by IT departments, according to new Gartner research. This shift will have major ramifications for IT budgets, the influence of CEOs, and the roles of IT leaders as future-oriented organizations where technology underpins … Read more

The IT Backlog in the Age of DevOps

Over the past twenty years, the average age of the program has been between six to eight years. I’ve known some old apps to stay in production for decades. This is in sharp contrast to mobile apps, which lost half their lives in the first six months of use or the DevOps/Agile world, where apps … Read more