As Inflation Skyrockets, Is Now the Time to Pull Back on New IT Initiatives?

These are times that try IT leaders’ confidence and spirit. As the cost of just about everything spirals upward due to both inflation and supply chain shortages, many IT chiefs are taking a second look at projects that not so long ago seemed both necessary and logical. Yet now may not be the time to … Read more

Bringing Shadow IT Into the Light

Shadow IT is the unauthorized use of software, hardware, and cloud services. Typically, users skirt official IT channels in order to complete their work faster and easier. If they secretly use these things for other purposes, then that’s a far more serious security concern for the business. But by and large, there’s fruit to be … Read more

A Personalized Approach to Building a Tech Talent Pipeline

Today’s companies need to be agile in the face of rapid change, especially when it comes to tech implementation. To do so requires a robust talent pipeline that can be scaled up or down as projects develop and evolve. However, more than two-thirds (69%) of digital leaders in the US are unable to keep pace … Read more

Ways to Prevent IT Projects From Getting Sunk

In 2018, a former Cisco employee gained unauthorized access to the company’s cloud infrastructure and spread malicious code that deleted 456 virtual machines that Cisco used for WebEx Teams. The law blocked access to nearly 16,000 WebEx users for two weeks. Cisco spent nearly $1.4 million in employee time auditing its infrastructure and repairing the … Read more

When is it Okay to Miss an IT Project Deadline?

Deadlines are an important aspect of project management. But what happens when a project remains incomplete by the deadline? Will the world end? Worse, will you lose your job? Not to worry, says Shay Chandel, founder and CEO of Softsolutions, an Agile software training and development company. He points out that under certain circumstances it … Read more