How Hybrid Multi-Cloud Can Mitigate Current Supply Chain Woes

Shortages in the global supply chain are drastically affecting the entire technology industry, affecting both the availability and pricing of IT hardware, as companies struggle to secure semiconductor chips, servers, and other key hardware components needed for their data center and IT infrastructure. This shortfall likely won’t be fully resolved for at least another year, … Read more

How CIOs Can Transform IT Spend

scale down. A word many CEOs still hear, even in today’s world of strategies focused on growth and transformation. However, when focusing on efficiency and optimization, “reduce” can be a powerful tool in the CIO conversion arsenal. The Reduction is one of five “R’s” I discussed earlier in CIOs: The New Corporate Rock Stars. It … Read more

Can CIOs Become CEOs?

Greg Carmichael of Fifth Third Bank, Stephen Gillett of Starbucks, Philip Clark of Tesco PLC, Don Lepore of Schwab and Tim Campos of Facebook all have one thing in common: They started as CMOs and followed the path to becoming CEOs. In doing so, they took different paths to reach the CEO position. Some were … Read more