As Inflation Skyrockets, Is Now the Time to Pull Back on New IT Initiatives?

These are times that try IT leaders’ confidence and spirit. As the cost of just about everything spirals upward due to both inflation and supply chain shortages, many IT chiefs are taking a second look at projects that not so long ago seemed both necessary and logical. Yet now may not be the time to … Read more

Enterprise Guide to Robotic Process Automation

Judging by the interest in the concept, it looks like IT people, and even many businesspeople, have figured out the first lesson in dealing with robotic process automation: There are no robots, no androids, not even one little R2D2. RPA is about letting computers, software and, often, voice technology take over the routine, repetitive and … Read more

How to Maintain Team Productivity Without Being Viewed as a Scrooge

At that time of year again. For many members of the IT team, the holiday season provides a welcome break to reflect on recent accomplishments and strengthen bonds with family, friends, and colleagues. IT leaders often look at the last days of the year somewhat differently. For them, this can also be a time when … Read more