Making IT Talent Hires a Business Priority

Hiring and retention should always be a priority for every business: Without a strong employee base to progress business operations and deliver great outcomes and results, organizations will ultimately fall behind their competition and fail. In today’s business climate, recruiting IT professionals should be a key business priority, considering the fierce competition for tech talent … Read more

What Happens If Tech ‘Thought Leaders’ Have No Clothes?

Some seven years ago, when I worked the tech startup beat in New York, I heard Brian Cohen, chairman emeritus of the New York Angels, dish out a tough love perspective that sticks with me to this day. “I think passion has done more harm to the entrepreneurial community than anything,” Cohen said. “I’d rather … Read more

Where Developers Fit in the Metaverse and Crypto Landscape

This week’s DeveloperWeek 2022 virtual conference opened up some exploration into the territories of the metaverse and cryptocurrency and how developers are part of the digital infrastructure behind it all. In separate keynote presentations, Roblox CTO Dan Sturman discussed ways to enable developers to build their own corners of the metaverse. Later, Lewis Tuff, vice … Read more