How We’re Doing on Humanizing the Digital Experience

Humanizing the digital experience is much harder than it sounds because it involves much more than just putting a happy face on software. First companies must figure out what humanizing means and then they have to turn that into a convincing reality. The results so far have been mixed but interesting. That’s understandable considering how … Read more

Enterprise Guide to Robotic Process Automation

Judging by the interest in the concept, it looks like IT people, and even many businesspeople, have figured out the first lesson in dealing with robotic process automation: There are no robots, no androids, not even one little R2D2. RPA is about letting computers, software and, often, voice technology take over the routine, repetitive and … Read more

Automation Is Everywhere. But Where Do You Start?

Many organizations are looking at automation as a solution that unlocks value and efficiencies across business processes. However, while the promise of intelligent automation is vast, for many companies this remains a case of “easier said than done.” Recent research from Accenture underscores just how important automation has become to business success and sustained growth. … Read more