Look Beyond Traditional Channels to Close the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) The cybersecurity skills gap persists while threats continue to evolve and grow. According to the latest skills gap report from Fortinet, 67% of leaders agree that the cybersecurity skills shortage creates additional cyber risks for their organization. At the same time, the Great Resignation has led many individuals to leave their jobs in … Read more

The Role CIOs Play in Retaining Employees Amid the Great Resignation

Throughout the pandemic, employees have signaled that they want to learn new skills and leverage new technology. However, the data shows that while companies are rolling out new technology, they aren’t always doing it in a way where the company or employees are getting the most out of it. The employee experience makes a difference … Read more

How to Keep IT Team Members From Quitting in a Tight Employment Market

“The Great Resignation” is sweeping the enterprise landscape, and IT isn’t immune to its impact. Approximately 33 million Americans have quit their jobs since spring 2021, with many dissatisfied workers citing low pay, stress, or boredom as the reason. The keys to reducing attrition are leadership development, increased communication with employees, and a clear articulation … Read more