Chase CIO Gill Haus Discusses Recruitment, Agile, and Automation

The world of banking and finance is facing a massive change in innovation, adding to the need to adapt to new evolutionary cycles in FinTech. As clients want more resources and direction in their finances, organizations like JPMorgan Chase must respond wisely in a way that contrasts with their sheer size. Jill House, head of … Read more

DevOps or DevOops?

It was the decades-long history of a buildup of IT demands and user frustrations that gave rise to DevOps in the early years of the 21st century. DevOps’ promise was that users would be more directly involved with IT in developing new applications, and that continuous collaboration between users and IT would ensure that applications … Read more

When is it Okay to Miss an IT Project Deadline?

Deadlines are an important aspect of project management. But what happens when a project remains incomplete by the deadline? Will the world end? Worse, will you lose your job? Not to worry, says Shay Chandel, founder and CEO of Softsolutions, an Agile software training and development company. He points out that under certain circumstances it … Read more

Future-Proofing Software Delivery with Value Stream Management

(Supported article) It is desirable – if not necessary – to introduce positive change at high speed, with low risk, at any time. It’s a major topic of digital transformation wherever you look. So, is there a mechanism – a process – available today that integrates that mindset into the broader transformational picture? I think … Read more