Fintech, Cloud, and Bringing Machine Learning to the Edge

A few disruptive players in the financial services scene came out to a gathering held last Thursday at Google’s offices in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. It was all part of an event organized by C2C Global, a community of Google Cloud users, to bring together business leaders and experts to discuss not … Read more

How CINC Cut Down Churn on Its Apps for Real Estate Agents

Real estate lead generation platform CINC made use of FullStory to reduce churn and boost conversions through its mobile app. CINC, part of Fidelity National Financial, offers real estate professionals apps to connect with clients. The company looked at FullStory’s digital experience intelligence as part of an ongoing effort to track issues more efficiency, says … Read more

Fintech, Cloud, and Finding Ways to Bridge the Skills Gap

How can companies take advantage of innovation in fintech if they do not have the skills in-house or tools to exploit the latest such resources? They might tap into third-party solutions providers such as Prophix or look to education providers such as Skillsoft to tighten up those gaps. There is a growing expectation among organizations … Read more

Startups Take Aim at Financial Inclusion

On Thursday morning, a batch of startups in a virtual demo day hosted by FinTech Sandbox talked up ways they might address financial gaps that incumbents in the market have not yet tackled. This was one of the events held as part of New York Fintech Week and included some perspectives from the public sector … Read more

Automated Accounts Payable Gives Biotech Company New Efficiency

Biotech company ImaginAB — which develops next-generation cancer-fighting technology — says it cut down some 1,750 manhours when the company adopted automated accounts payable software from Tipalti. Operating on the global level, ImaginAB must contend with multi-currency accounts payables. The company previously maintained a full-time finance manager who focused on paying invoices, but ImaginAB sought … Read more

A New Era of Digital Finance for Treasury Teams

Hybrid and remote work are becoming commonplace as organizations of every size and type adjust to the pandemic era and implement more resilient ways of working. According to PWC, less than one in five executives say they want to return to the office as it was pre-pandemic. Before the global pandemic, many treasury teams knew … Read more

US Regulators Move to Understand Crypto and Explore Guardrails

President Biden’s executive order to establish a government strategy regarding digital assets will open the door for regulatory engagement in the sometimes-volatile world of cryptocurrency. Issued earlier this month, the stated intent of the executive order is to ensure “responsible development of digital assets.” That would include forming a plan to safeguard citizens and national … Read more

Crypto and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

As the grim reality of Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine continues, moves are being made on either side of the conflict to secure access to monetary resources via digital means. Traditional banking and other financial transactions are seeing disruptions in the form of sanctions leveled against Russia and the basic fact that a war is … Read more

Facing Decentralized Finance and Crypto Security Dilemmas

In the race to transform the financial world, different types of security exposure and risks have emerged — or at least old hacker habits have been used on new fintech. The Department of Justice made arrests this month in a case about an alleged cryptocurrency laundering scheme tied to the 2016 Bitfinex hack where billions … Read more

How Fighting AI Bias Can Make Fintech Even More Inclusive

A key selling point for emerging fintech is the potential to expand financial access to more people — but there is a potential for biases built into the technology to do the opposite. The rise of online lenders, digital-first de novo banks, digital currency, and decentralized finance speaks to a desire for greater flexibility and … Read more