SAP Evolves for Next-Gen Enterprises

The world seems like it’s headed back to normal operations, but still, everything has changed. That was the vibe as customers of enterprise software giant SAP returned to an in-person event format for the company’s annual Sapphire conference in Orlando, Florida this month (although a virtual option was also still available). Indeed, the world, industry, … Read more

Ground Rules for Open-Source Software Management

Organizations using open-source software aren’t necessarily placing themselves at greater security risk, but the key to a successful, safe implementation of open-source software is a thorough management strategy. Open-source software makes up the majority of enterprise company applications, and for most organizations, it’s far more secure to use an open-source module that’s been vetted by … Read more

Salesforce-Slack Drive Continues with New Co-CEO Taylor

Salesforce hired a new co-CEO to work alongside founder and longtime CEO Marc Benioff this week, but don’t worry. It is unlikely that many enterprise organizations using cloud giant CRM and other cloud-based software services will experience any disruption in the future as a result. If anything, Salesforce customers may see more focus on the … Read more