How AI and Data Can Help Retail’s Ongoing Pandemic Challenges

Hybrid shopping and scaling up data and analytics were among the top topics of interest as retail business executives returned to the Javits Center in New York City for the first time two years ago for the National Retail Federation’s big show. But despite a return to the personal space, the pandemic and the retail … Read more

What is Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)?

Enabling secure online interactions is becoming critical, while authenticating users quickly and smoothly has become extremely challenging. Identity management has always been difficult, but it is getting more and more complex with each new account, cloud application, and device. Consumers are tired of passwords. However, customers and regulators alike are paying more attention to security … Read more

Retailers Choosing Tech Upgrades Over Holiday Magic in 2021

This year, if you want holiday magic, you’re more likely to find it on Netflix than at your local store. Holiday movies often focus on the retail gift shopping experience with scenes inside department stores with joyful crowds, and Santa and Jeanne and bright, flashy decorations. All this while it is snowing outside against the … Read more