How Corporate Risk Management is Changing

Many of the same technical risk challenges exist today for IT as they did last year. There are risks in managing systems and networks, risks in managing the human employees who use these systems and networks, and cyber risks. Among cyber risks, the most concerns are intrusions from malware, ransomware, viruses, and phishing. IT has … Read more

Enterprise Guide to Edge Computing

[Editor’s note: This curated guide was updated in February 2022 to reflect new trends today and to include our most recent content.] As the concept of edge computing has evolved, there are a few things that we have learned about what it is and — realistically — isn’t. There’s also a lot that we have … Read more

Prepare for More Change in This Hot Area of Tech

The amount of data and analytics that is being provided in organizations and the organization’s ability to benefit from it is increasing at unprecedented levels. It is the point at which the underlying fibers of the modern enterprise change, which will result in a change of protection in those we consider typical. Necessity nurtures several … Read more

HPE and Transamerica Open Their Cloud Transformation Playbooks

Moving to the cloud meant a tightening of IT resources with the expansion of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Transamerica. During a panel discussion held at the Infosys Americas Leadership Forum in New York, companies shared some of their experiences leveraging cloud resources as part of their ongoing IT and operations transformation. The panel explored … Read more

Will Edge Computing Kill the Cloud?

feeling edgy? So do some cloud providers, seeing cutting-edge data centers in their markets. Edge data centers offer many benefits, including reduced latency, increased bandwidth, and improved privacy, security, and resiliency. But does this mean that cloud computing will go out of business? Not at all, says Mike Miller, managing director and dean of Deloitte’s … Read more