The Future of Work is Here

When we talk about the future of work, the obvious elements that come to mind are remote work, Zoom-style meetings, new office designs, automation, diversity, generational differences, and new types of jobs replacing traditional ones. Here’s the news for young people: Retiring Baby Boomers who reflect on their first jobs can recall that all of … Read more

Reaping the Rewards of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The contrast between the tech industry’s growth — the sector employs a quarter of US professionals and about 5% to 6% of the total labor force — and its lack of minority representation is staggering. Black Americans represent just 7% of the tech industry labor force, Latinos 8% and Asian Americans comprise only 14%. Lack … Read more

Remote Workforce Inclusion Requires Combination of Tech Tools, Human Touch

The transition to a hybrid work environment and the proliferation of remote work means the talent pool is no longer limited by geography. This also means the best talent won’t come from homogenous backgrounds, but from often radically different backgrounds that add unique experience and perspective to an organization. Building an inclusive remote workplace is … Read more