Digital Twin Smart Mapping Hits the Slopes

For some skaters, it can be hard to wait for the first day of the new season. It is disappointing when the weather does not cooperate with the snow and cold temperatures. Your first day on the slopes can be delayed. It’s one of the frustration levels if your first day has to be put … Read more

A CIO’s Introduction to the Metaverse

“Metaverse” is coming. are you ready? Microsoft, Nvidia, and Facebook have announced important apps to give companies a door into the metaverse. Many startups are also building this type of technology. But what is the metaverse anyway? Is it something CIOs need to have on their radar? What are the use cases for businesses? What … Read more

Supply Chains May Be Stalled

At the root of the supply chain crisis is a surge in demand for goods among consumers who have come out of lockdown and are holding $5 trillion in savings they are eager to unlock. The global spending boom has strained networks beyond their capacity, with additional demand translating to an estimated 119 million additional … Read more