A Practical Guide to DevOps

[Editor’s note: This curated guide was updated in April 2022 to reflect new trends today and to include our most recent content.] When people — experts included — talk about DevOps they too often think in terms of the technology or a methodology. Then, there are the people who say it’s just another way to … Read more

Ukraine’s IT Pros Tell Their Stories of Bombing & Business Continuity

Like many Ukrainians, the estimated 285,000 people working in the country’s IT sector were stunned when, on the morning of February 24, Russia launched a brutal attack on their country. But within days they had mobilized, leveraging their networks to both ensure the well-being of their colleagues, friends, and loved ones and maintain their businesses … Read more

Can AI Lead the Way in Low Code/No Code App Development?

In the span of a few years, low-code and no-code platforms, which reduce the burden on professional developers to create certain apps, have matured vastly. They have become resources large enterprises explore to speed up app development, but can that carry over new, more intensive needs such asAI app development in a substantial way? Gartner … Read more

Future for Careers in Automation Looking Bright

The tech industry continues to face crippling, an industry-wide shortage of skillsets, and as automation becomes a critical technology helping accelerate business processes, organizations across various industries are developing fully automated workflows. This is increasing the demand for skilled employees and new talent to assist with system testing, design, and development. For those looking to … Read more

DevOps or DevOops?

It was the decades-long history of a buildup of IT demands and user frustrations that gave rise to DevOps in the early years of the 21st century. DevOps’ promise was that users would be more directly involved with IT in developing new applications, and that continuous collaboration between users and IT would ensure that applications … Read more

The IT Backlog in the Age of DevOps

Over the past twenty years, the average age of the program has been between six to eight years. I’ve known some old apps to stay in production for decades. This is in sharp contrast to mobile apps, which lost half their lives in the first six months of use or the DevOps/Agile world, where apps … Read more

2021’s Technology Wins in the Enterprise

New technologies and tools are often at their best when they are ready for release. It’s been internally tested and tested, and it offers unlimited possibilities for the organizations that implement it. But the apps are the real tests. Will the technologies work as promised? Will they provide more ideas, save workers time, save resources, … Read more

Future-Proofing Software Delivery with Value Stream Management

(Supported article) It is desirable – if not necessary – to introduce positive change at high speed, with low risk, at any time. It’s a major topic of digital transformation wherever you look. So, is there a mechanism – a process – available today that integrates that mindset into the broader transformational picture? I think … Read more

Log4J Attacks Confirm Need for DevSecOps, Automation, SBOM

Alarms set off from a barrage of cyberattacks that exploit critical vulnerabilities in Log4J – Apache’s Java-based logging tool. Federal government agencies have only two days left to initiate mitigation measures to comply with emergency directive issued by the US Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). But despite the interest, don’t … Read more