Attract Data Science Talent with These 3 Tips

Organizations are at a crossroads. The demand for data science talent has surged in recent years alongside the widespread artificial intelligence and machine learning adoption, technology advancements, and businesses seeking to scale with data. As the race for innovation shows no signs of stopping, filling these open positions requires organizations to go beyond salary and … Read more

Will Your Data Science Skills Take You Where You Want to Go?

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) The field of data science is exploding, and the variety of roles for up-and-coming data scientists has expanded right along with it. Known in the 1990s as data mining, the term actually dates to the early 1970s, when it was first introduced as an alternative to computer science. These days, the process of … Read more

AI-Driven Satellite Connectivity Linking Up IoT, Edge Computing

Expanded use of satellites may offer another acceleration catalyst to digital transformation, edge computing, and other evolving aspects of enterprise technology. That was a key takeaway from a panel of experts and industry stakeholders at last week’s Satellite 2022 conference, held in-person and via livestream. During the discussion, those panelists hashed out some of the … Read more

Alteryx Gears Up for the Analytics Cloud Future

Data and analytics have entered the era of the cloud with two-thirds of analytics for both development and production expected to be performed in the cloud by 2023, according to a Gartner report from November 2021. If your organization is taking your analytics environment to the cloud or planning to, you are in the majority. … Read more

The Power of Technology for the Middle Market Sector

Middle market businesses are the economy’s unsung heroes. They serve as critical points in the nation’s supply chain and fill the gap between the smaller “mom-and-pop” shops and other more prominent enterprise-level players, giving them the ability to be more nimble, flexible, and opportunistic. The middle market sector is vibrant but loosely defined: Organizations with … Read more

A Guide to Careers and Team Building

[Editor’s note: This curated guide was updated in February 2022 to reflect new trends today and to include our most recent content.] The lengthy wish list from upper management, the corporate board, customers, and employees for new, digital projects is woven with a common thread — the work of the data science team. It’s data … Read more

How Fighting AI Bias Can Make Fintech Even More Inclusive

A key selling point for emerging fintech is the potential to expand financial access to more people — but there is a potential for biases built into the technology to do the opposite. The rise of online lenders, digital-first de novo banks, digital currency, and decentralized finance speaks to a desire for greater flexibility and … Read more

‘We Need A Lot More Machines’

In November, IBM introduced its 127-qubit quantum processor Eagle, which showed that the dream of achieving true quantum computing power appears to be on the right track — although work must continue before real applications of the technology can be realized. The demand for the development of quantum computers, which apply quantum physics to computations … Read more