Priorities of Highly Successful Chief Data Officers

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) who put their primary focus on meeting revenue-generation and data monetization goals were more successful than CDOs who focused primarily on enabling projects such as data governance. That’s among the findings of Gartner’s 7th annual survey of CDOs, conducted from September through November 2021 with 496 CDOs and other high-level data … Read more

Enterprise Guide to Data Privacy

Data privacy is different from many technology-related issues. Privacy is not driven by the performance or capabilities of an application or piece of hardware. It’s driven primarily by human actions — by individuals, businesses, or governments — with other humans feeling the pain. Humans make mistakes, creating vulnerabilities, and humans neglect or abuse personal data … Read more

Litigation vs Google May Cause Ripples in Data Collection

On Monday, at the start of Data Privacy Week, attorneys general from Washington, DC, Indiana, Texas, and the state of Washington filed a lawsuit against Google that alleges deceptive tracking of users’ location history. It stems from claims about how data settings actually function in relation to user privacy, the public’s awareness of such data … Read more

What IT Leaders Need to Know

Contrary to what many executives may believe, privacy is not just a matter of removing regulatory barriers and achieving compliance. Privacy is about moving business forward. Above all, privacy is personal, and the average consumer really cares about what companies do with their data. In other words, customers will leave if they can’t see the … Read more