Ways to Smooth the Bumps on the Data-Driven Path

Being a data-driven organization means that CEOs make their decisions based on some amount of data rather than instinct—whether that data takes the form of a spreadsheet, a database report, or a dashboard. Today, being data-driven means having the ability to use every piece of data, structured or unstructured, on premises or in multiple clouds, … Read more

Why You Should Have an AI & Ethics Board

Most companies today have a large amount of data at their fingertips. They also have the tools to mine this information. But with that strength comes responsibility. Before using the data, technologists need to step back and assess the need. In our data-driven hypothetical age, it’s not about whether you have the information, but whether … Read more

Explaining Data Fabrics to the CEOs: How and Why

A “fabric” is defined as “a fabric made from weaving, knitting, or felting of fibres,” according to Dictionary.com. Alternative definitions include: structure; The fabric of society. Building; stated.” “Fabric” is an amorphous term—to the extent that IT leaders can struggle to explain its importance to management as it did when another amorphous term—the cloud—emerged on … Read more