Estimating the Total Costs of Your Cloud Analytics Platform

Organizations today need a broad set of enterprise data cloud services with key data functionality to modernize projects and utilize machine learning. They need a platform designed to address multi-faceted needs by offering multi-function data management and analytics to solve the enterprise’s most pressing data and analytic challenges in a streamlined fashion. They need a … Read more

Talend Acquisition Targets Data Replication Speeds

Data management and integration provider Talend announced the acquisition of Gamma Soft, a provider of change data capture (CDC) technology that Talend believes will help it meet its customers’ need for ever greater speed in data and analytics. Two forces have been driving the need for this CDC technology and other enhancements to data management … Read more

Snowflake Streamlit Acquisition to Add Open-Source Dev Framework

Enterprise organizations looking to simplify their data analytics and machine learning stacks are among the potential benefactors of cloud-based data warehouse provider Snowflake’s plans to acquire Streamlit. Streamlit is a startup that offers an open-source framework that enables developers and data scientists to build and share data applications quickly and iteratively. The acquisition is expected … Read more

Follow DOD on Data Strategy Tenets

A wise person once said, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” One could argue the US Department of Defense applied that philosophy during autumn 2020, when Pentagon officials publicized its new data strategy. A year and a half later, the business community also should be thanking DOD for its foresight. … Read more

What Are the Repository Options Today?

As the volume of worldwide data expands into hundreds of zettabytes, data management has become a dilemma for CIOs and companies, which now view data as a strategic asset. To harness and manage data, IT is investing in data management tools and putting methodologies in place for importing, cleaning, and storing data. Central to this … Read more

The Cost of AI Bias: Lower Revenue, Lost Customers

Regulatory technology leaders have become more concerned about artificial intelligence bias over the past two years, according to a new survey by analytics firm DataRobot. It’s not just about damaging the brand’s reputation either. Among those who experienced the negative effects of AI bias, the largest proportion, 62%, lost revenue as a result. It also … Read more

Digital Twin Smart Mapping Hits the Slopes

For some skaters, it can be hard to wait for the first day of the new season. It is disappointing when the weather does not cooperate with the snow and cold temperatures. Your first day on the slopes can be delayed. It’s one of the frustration levels if your first day has to be put … Read more

Explaining Data Fabrics to the CEOs: How and Why

A “fabric” is defined as “a fabric made from weaving, knitting, or felting of fibres,” according to Alternative definitions include: structure; The fabric of society. Building; stated.” “Fabric” is an amorphous term—to the extent that IT leaders can struggle to explain its importance to management as it did when another amorphous term—the cloud—emerged on … Read more