How We’re Doing on Humanizing the Digital Experience

Humanizing the digital experience is much harder than it sounds because it involves much more than just putting a happy face on software. First companies must figure out what humanizing means and then they have to turn that into a convincing reality. The results so far have been mixed but interesting. That’s understandable considering how … Read more

Customers Deserve Great Experiences … and So Do Your Agents

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) It’s a tough time to be a customer service agent. While many customers are using self-service for simpler issues, they’re demanding more from agents to solve complex problems, which have only been exacerbated because of the pandemic. And while agents are striving to resolve sensitive cases relating to people’s health, finances, insurance, and … Read more

How It Works and Where It’s Headed

Current chatbots tend to be awkward and even agonizing to use, limited to answering a set of simple queries — often incorrectly. But what if a chatbot could be designed to support more complex and multistep tasks, such as organizing a daily schedule or pinpointing a fault lurking inside a complex mechanical device? Conversational AI … Read more