Are Blockchain and Decentralized Cloud Making Much Headway?

There is some debate about potential benefits of hosting cloud computing on a centralized or decentralized network, and whether the blockchain might pose some relevance on such a front. The answer seems to be a definite maybe — under certain circumstances. Avivah Litan, vice president and analyst with Gartner, says blockchain enables decentralized cloud computing, … Read more

California Association of Realtors Discusses Its Cloud Migration

The cloud migration of the California Association of Realtors (CAR) led to deeper reassessment of how the organization handled its workloads. That was one of the takeaways recalled by Josh Sharfman, chief technology and innovation officer with the organization when discussing migrated resources from on-prem to the cloud via cloud service provider OVHcloud. Sharfman says … Read more

Fender’s CIO Talks Tuning Up SAP with a Migration to AWS

The rise in business has prompted the global guitar maker Fender to think of more efficient ways to use its SAP resources. Moving from company-controlled computing resources to the public cloud can be a challenge. Although Fender has already embraced the cloud for other aspects of its operations, there has been some reluctance to make … Read more

Reliance on Cloud Requires Greater Resilience Among Providers

The final weeks of 2021 brought a reminder that with the transition to a cloud-driven world, the future the likes of Gartner had predicted, it also came with the risk of accidental service loss and the need for backup plans. A few days before Christmas, Amazon Web Services (AWS) dealt with another outage, this time … Read more

HPE and Transamerica Open Their Cloud Transformation Playbooks

Moving to the cloud meant a tightening of IT resources with the expansion of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Transamerica. During a panel discussion held at the Infosys Americas Leadership Forum in New York, companies shared some of their experiences leveraging cloud resources as part of their ongoing IT and operations transformation. The panel explored … Read more

How are Organizations Doing with Cloud?

Businesses continue to flock to the cloud, eager to weed out huge capital expenditures in data centers – but should we demand more from cloud providers? It is no secret that cloud service providers are prime targets for hackers, and they can also make mistakes that trigger security breaches and data theft. In 2020, disgruntled … Read more

Nasdaq CEO at AWS re:Invent Talks Cloud’s Impact on FinTech

This year’s AWS re: Invent conference demonstrated that the cycle of change extends from new leadership at AWS itself to the ways in which the financial system may evolve in the coming years. Adam Selipsky has led his first keynote at re:Invent as AWS CEO since taking over in May. This year’s conference took place … Read more

AWS CTO Vogels on Cloud Eliminating Constraints on Innovation

In previous years, Werner Vogels CTO at AWS said somewhat jokingly that it would “fix the speed of light” as the new world of the cloud removed the limitations in computing. During his keynote address at the 2021 re: Invent Conference, he said that this task remained on his to-do list, but that there were … Read more

What Comes Next After AWS Disruption

On Tuesday, which was supposed to be AWS Innovation Day in Re:Invent 2021, Amazon Web Services was instead facing yet another outage in the region that affected large segments of the internet. Analysts at Forrester and Gartner say that while the problem was significant, it was neither a reason, nor a realistic one, to roll … Read more