Enterprise Guide to Multi-Cloud Adoption

The question of whether an individual enterprise should go with a multi-cloud or sole-provider strategy seems to be largely settled. While some are happy having a single cloud service provider, surveys show that as many as 90% of large organizations are opting for a multi-cloud approach. Now, they just have to make that multi-cloud strategy … Read more

The Cloud Security Partnership

Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the businesses leveraging the cloud and their cloud service providers. To ward off cybersecurity threats, it’s critical that both thoroughly understand how to build and maintain robust security models and work closely in tandem to do so. Businesses and their cloud providers must ensure that security within the … Read more

No, the Cloud Is Not a Green Technology

There is a myth surrounding the cloud regarding it as a green technology. Though we love cloud computing, people tend to think that if they bring their technology to the cloud, they’re being green. Much of this misconception comes from the cloud providers themselves, but a lot is from general misunderstandings of what the cloud … Read more