A Game-Changing Year for UI and UX

In the past 12 months we have seen major changes in digital engagement. That the pandemic triggered a wave of digital adoption is clear, but what was less easy to predict is just how far that digitization would continue. In our connected society, we are still working through the profound shifts that started post-COVID — … Read more

The Unforeseen Consequences of the Cloud Boom

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) Cloud adoption has exploded over the past two years, with many organizations rushing to migrate and update their operations for remote work. In 2021 alone, companies spent $408 billion on cloud and Gartner predicts spending will surpass $482 billion in 2022. But in their hurry, companies may have missed opportunities to optimize their … Read more

How to Plan a Pain-Free Cloud Migration

When it comes to the challenges of an IT project, few are more intimidating than a complete migration to the cloud. Fortunately, with the help of some careful planning, a cloud transition can be accomplished successfully with minimal effort and downtime. The way organizations deal with mass migrations to the cloud is changing rapidly. “Systematic … Read more

Entering the Cloud-First Race? Consider These 5 Things

Many companies see migrating from on-premises to the cloud as something they only need to do on a program-by-program basis, with vendors fully sticking to the SaaS model for their applications over the next few years. Others may hold out due to compliance concerns, or be reluctant to abandon their capital investment. If you are … Read more