Fintech, Cloud, and Finding Ways to Bridge the Skills Gap

How can companies take advantage of innovation in fintech if they do not have the skills in-house or tools to exploit the latest such resources? They might tap into third-party solutions providers such as Prophix or look to education providers such as Skillsoft to tighten up those gaps. There is a growing expectation among organizations … Read more

How CIOs Can Create Cohesive Teams That Accelerate Transformation

The success of a transformation program relies heavily on the leadership at the helm of the undertaking. CIOs play a more crucial role here than ever before. As transformation leaders, they often push and educate the entire leadership team on the most critical, technical, and often the costliest choices to guide the organization’s future. Our … Read more

California Association of Realtors Discusses Its Cloud Migration

The cloud migration of the California Association of Realtors (CAR) led to deeper reassessment of how the organization handled its workloads. That was one of the takeaways recalled by Josh Sharfman, chief technology and innovation officer with the organization when discussing migrated resources from on-prem to the cloud via cloud service provider OVHcloud. Sharfman says … Read more

Why Consigli Went Low Code for Project Management

When a construction company takes on a job, the work can involve complex input from a host of professionals that include contractors, architects, and building committees — but using a low-code platform for project management can alleviate some of the headaches that might arise in the process. “We often, and most construction companies, struggle with … Read more

Can CIOs Become CEOs?

Greg Carmichael of Fifth Third Bank, Stephen Gillett of Starbucks, Philip Clark of Tesco PLC, Don Lepore of Schwab and Tim Campos of Facebook all have one thing in common: They started as CMOs and followed the path to becoming CEOs. In doing so, they took different paths to reach the CEO position. Some were … Read more