Fintech, Cloud, and Bringing Machine Learning to the Edge

A few disruptive players in the financial services scene came out to a gathering held last Thursday at Google’s offices in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. It was all part of an event organized by C2C Global, a community of Google Cloud users, to bring together business leaders and experts to discuss not … Read more

How CINC Cut Down Churn on Its Apps for Real Estate Agents

Real estate lead generation platform CINC made use of FullStory to reduce churn and boost conversions through its mobile app. CINC, part of Fidelity National Financial, offers real estate professionals apps to connect with clients. The company looked at FullStory’s digital experience intelligence as part of an ongoing effort to track issues more efficiency, says … Read more

Why Chatbot Experiences Break Down and How Organizations Can Improve Them

According to Gartner, around 70% of customer service interactions this year will happen via automated tools. That’s up from just 15% only three years ago. Chatbots and other automated customer service tools, like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), promise to help resource-constrained service teams do more with less. The potential cost savings are compelling as well. … Read more

As Inflation Skyrockets, Is Now the Time to Pull Back on New IT Initiatives?

These are times that try IT leaders’ confidence and spirit. As the cost of just about everything spirals upward due to both inflation and supply chain shortages, many IT chiefs are taking a second look at projects that not so long ago seemed both necessary and logical. Yet now may not be the time to … Read more

How We’re Doing on Humanizing the Digital Experience

Humanizing the digital experience is much harder than it sounds because it involves much more than just putting a happy face on software. First companies must figure out what humanizing means and then they have to turn that into a convincing reality. The results so far have been mixed but interesting. That’s understandable considering how … Read more

The Automation Revolution and the Shift in Labor

Every day, people can see the increased reach that intelligent machines have on our society, from self-checkouts at grocery stores to more intensive robots in manufacturing. Much of the labor force has seen these developments and met them with hesitation, wondering if their jobs were at risk. But workers should not fear this change, as … Read more

Automated Accounts Payable Gives Biotech Company New Efficiency

Biotech company ImaginAB — which develops next-generation cancer-fighting technology — says it cut down some 1,750 manhours when the company adopted automated accounts payable software from Tipalti. Operating on the global level, ImaginAB must contend with multi-currency accounts payables. The company previously maintained a full-time finance manager who focused on paying invoices, but ImaginAB sought … Read more

Dawn Foods Tries a Low-Code Recipe for QA Testing Automation

With its digital transformation strategy already accelerated by the pandemic, bakery ingredient distributor Dawn Foods opted to further its plans by using intelligent test automation company Mapl for a transition to low-code SaaS automated testing. The intent of going low code for testing was to maintain the pace of going digital and to better integrate … Read more

Automation Is Everywhere. But Where Do You Start?

Many organizations are looking at automation as a solution that unlocks value and efficiencies across business processes. However, while the promise of intelligent automation is vast, for many companies this remains a case of “easier said than done.” Recent research from Accenture underscores just how important automation has become to business success and sustained growth. … Read more

Google’s Mandiant Acquisition Brings Cybersecurity Automation to Forefront

Enterprise organizations may look more favorably on Google as an enterprise vendor and partner following the tech giant’s announcement this week that it would acquire cybersecurity SaaS platform company Mandiant. Google announced that it would buy Mandiant in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $5.4 billion. Google said that when the deal closes, Mandiant will … Read more